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Student work is displayed for curricula relating to: A/V production, A/V post-production, animation, physical computing, interactive interiors and installation art, web design, content management systems. Theory classes encompass the creative process and principles of design. Student work is generally graphic-centric, and all work is provided with the expressed consent of the individuals who have created the work.


"The project emphasizes highlighting the cracks of the broken mirrors rather than disguising it. It portrays the human relationship with nature along with appreciating yourselves by self-reflecting through these broken mirrors. Broken mirrors are used as a metaphor in place of humans, they tell you that they rejoin stronger at the very location they are broken, those are the spots where the light will shine through." - Anvi Dedhia


"Time is something that we carry with us, and us being in one time scale is temporary although we do have a dominance of past, present or future in our thoughts... A project on nostalgia made me curious about why we find solace in the past, the idea of tangibility, and how media is affecting our time perspectives. This project was an attempt to study past, present and future together, to understand how time affects our lives." - Binoli Shah


"The project focuses on promoting the classical art forms preserved in the Indian museums. Treasured Tales revitalizes the experience of these paintings, by providing the visitors with infotainment in an interactive form. It uses interpretive technologies and storytelling techniques to engage visitors actively in multimedia experiences. Enhancing the quality of visitor-experience is a significant aspect of the project." - Diksha Jaiswal


"This experience serves as a memento for individuals to reflect upon their relationship with each other. Each response represents an individual’s unique self and yet each wall offers a snapshot of our shared memories, our collective stories of joys and struggles. It offers new ways to engage with the people around us. By creating spaces where we can share our inner selves, Museum of Memories invites the user to immerse themselves in a path already taken but soon forgotten." - Noella Dias



For his capstone project, Yash Chandak created an interactive installation which "aims to engage the audience with the idea of bending time." He was then invited to exhibit at a conference for interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.


Completed as an independent project, this animation by Priyanka Bhaduaria describes the design process for people who have no idea what it is about.

Image Image Image


"Wave" (top) by Anvi Dedhia, Binoli Shah and Diksha Jaiswal is an interactive installation in which the user controls the behavior of LED illumination based on hand gestures.

"Piano" and "Agitation Game" (middle) by Nilisha Kedia, Brinda Joshi, Harshad Wadhwani and Poornima Verma, are both interactive projects utilizing electronics.

Sidhartha Nandan (bottom left) builds his musical chair for children. A combination of LEDs and 8 bit sounds are generated when sensors are triggered. Daniel De Menezes (bottom right) An electronic percussion instrument producing sound and light.



Two works of sequential art: Santaji Shrike (left) Inspired by the work of Duane Michals, Santaji structured his narrative as a graphic novel. Monish Kulora (right) A book of dreams in mixed-media.

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(from left top to right bottom)

Linh Dieu Vu Pham : A website to promote environmental awareness of marine ecosystems.

Pratik Luharuka : built a game-like website called the Indian Express, where the user navigates a train through the tourist sites of India.

Nillu Rathod : is graphic designer who built the frontend of a web store.

Monica Daga : produced a site for her brand, Impronta. The site features photos from a shoot she produced and styled.


Riya Bhatnagar's (top) composite of scrolling picture frames and gold fish, to the accompaniment of Erik Satie, is meditative, she followed with a high-energy shoe commercial.

Arwa Kassamali's (bottom) stop-motion animation treats live actors like paper. The representation of scale and proportion offers the viewer a play in perspective.


Daniel De Menezes directed his third shortsubject as a antismoking campaign.


Daniel De Menezes (top) directed his third shortsubject as a antismoking campaign. He also created magical 3D objects in a live action environment.

Shruti Sahu (bottom) models a 3D world with live action inlays for an independent project.