Michael Dotolo

Art & Education Portfolio

Art & Design

Consisting of artistic and commercial work, the given sections are meant to represent the spectrum of media I have worked with. This includes installation, sound, images, and web design. The sonic and visual elements are composed in a traditional sense, although in most cases behavorial programming is applied which either, allows for user interaction, and/or provides an effect for the given medium.


Representing a more commercial aspect of my digital media output, the tools for designing and implementing websites are constantly evolving. Today, most everyone who uses a computer can manage their own content whether it is social media, blogs, etc. They are not much more complicated than managing an eCommerce site. The content managment systems I have worked with include: WordPress, Concrete5, GetSimple, Magento, ZenCart, and OpenCart.

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Fabrication Production

fall 2011 - spring 2013

This installation was produced for the Vivanta brand of Taj Hotels in Bangalore. My role included co-production and technical lead to start a permanent space for interactive and multimedia projects. The space features a three-sided projection cube.

For the initial set of installations, required skills included circuit design, interaction design, and programming. Hardware included various sensors and Arduino MCUs. Programming environments included Arduino, Max/MSP, and Processing.

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mixing bowl of light

spring 2011

Light Bowl uses voice modulation of standing waves to create patterns of refracted light. This design is derived from collaborations in concepts and experimentation while residing at Umbra Solis in Amsterdam.

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summer 2010

Species is a study of the phenomenon of acoustic heterodyning, or undertone sonification. In Species, ultrasonic frequencies generated with custom amplifiers modulate the overtones generated by the 60kg of steel.

missa obscura

winter 2010

Recorded during my residency at Umbra Solis, Missa Obscura utilizes the acoustic space of vacant, sixteen-story office building. Microphones and speaker were stratigically located for effect. The creative process involved composed notation and improvised tracks.

gunung sari


Gunung Sari was started by Stanley Ruiz with Nick Lesley. Gunung Sari has performed off-beat gigs and avant-garde festivals by combining traditional instruments with hacked or designed electronics. It is noisy and full of energy.

As a collaboration, we have had some really great performances and a CD (available on Neck & Tongue).


spring 2007

Hildegard is a video-performance in collaboration with Jenny Seastone-Stern, whose choreography is inspired and improvised by the historical figure Hildegard von Bingen.

The layers of sound and video are intended to culminate into abstract composites, represent an instance of figure's devotion and torment, ecstasy and stasus. It is basically an excuse to treat the medium as element.

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through a pinhole

Pinhole photography has always had a particular aesthetic which has allowed it to take its own niche in fine arts photography. The quality can be characterized as timeless and nostalgic. My first series of photos were created with an oatmeal box and photographic paper. As I began experimenting more with tones, tints and the development process, I adapted a Helga camera into a pinhole and started working with an enlarger. Subsequent images are medium format prints.

Although the medium change to film change the exposure, a sense of light and time is essential to capturing quality images.