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Student work is displayed for classes which include, but are not limited to: A/V production, A/V post-production and vfx, 2D animation, Web Design - Content Management Systems, Interactive Web Design, as well as, theory classes encompassing the creative process and principles of design. More advanced students have pursued electronics as an independent study in applications for physical modeling, and interactive products.

Student work is generally "graphic-centric" meaning, it was expected them to create original graphical and compositional work.

All work is provided at the expressed consent of the individuals who have created that work.

Some of the students' electronic work can be viewed on: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/dellafinestra.

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Embedded Systems

Sidhartha Nandan

In this photo, Sidhartha Nandan is working on his musical chair; a design for children. When any one of the five sensors are triggered, a combination of LEDs and 8 bit sounds are generated. More detail of the work is posted on my blog: http://dellafinestra.tumblr.com/

Daniel De Menezes

Synco is an electronic percussion instrument that is played by tapping on the pads. a corresponding pitch is sounded and set of LEDs illuminated. Daniel De Menezes has compiled documentation of the project on the Behance Network: http://bit.ly/12xSCuy

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Linh Dieu Vu Pham

This is Linh's first attempt at designing a site, promotes environmental awareness of marine ecosystems. It features custom graphics, simple animations, audio, and use of JQuery. The image links to a live site.

Pratik Luharuka

Two websites by Pratik Luharuka. One is a site for his portfolio called "Rotten Ducks", and the other is a game-like site called the Indian Express, where the user navigates the train through the tourist sites of India using the arrow keys. The balloons are names of locations and are linked to the related wikipedia pages.

Monica Daga

For fashion marketing design on the web, Monica Daga produced a site for her brand, Impronta. The site features photos from a shoot she produced and styled.

Nillu Rathod

Nillu Rathod is graphic designer who built the front-end of a webstore for one of my web design classes.

moving image

Riya Bhatnagar

Riya Bhatnagar’s composite of scrolling picture frames and gold fish, to the accompaniment of Erik Satie, is meditative. She followed up with a project that is a high-enegry shoe commercial. Using green screen and motion graphics, the video also features her other course of study, dance.

Daniel De Menezes

Daniel De Menezes directed his third shortsubject as a anti-smoking campaign.

motion graphics

Pratik Luharuka

Pratik Luharuka’s frame-by-frame motion graphics is tightly sequenced and intricate.

Arwa Kassamali

A stop-motion animation by Arwa Kassamali treats live action and objects with a paper-like quality. The representation of scale and proportion offers the viewer a play in perspective.

Riya Bhatnagar

Riya Bhatnagar’s composite of scrolling picture frames and gold fish, to the accompaniment of Erik Satie, is meditative.

3D models and live action

Daniel De Menezes

Daniel De Menezes places 3D objects in a live action scenario.

Shruti Sahu

Shruti Sahu models a 3D world with live action inlays for a major independent project.

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Creative Process

Monish Kulora

Monish created this book on a dream-based narration. This work for a course which I designed for creative thinking and problem solving. The goal was to have students develop techniques for brainstorming, mindmapping, problem-solving, recognizing inspiration, and general maintenance of one's personal creativity.

Santaji Shrike

Inspired by the work of Duane Michals, Santaji structured his narration as a graphic novel.