The work represented here is divided into four categories which represent a range of media and context. It considers the communication and interaction between human and objects, either digital or analog. Mediums include installation, sound, images, web design and application. The sonic and visual elements are composed in a traditional sense, although in most cases behavioral programming is applied, which either allows for user interaction, and/or provides an effect for the given medium. Further documentation and explanation may be provided via the image galleries accessed by clicking the image or links provided in the accompanying text. 

| Web Media Production


Web Media Production

Website and media production represent a high turnover in with periodic upgrades and rebranding strategies. My role spans from complete authorship (from concept to implementation) graphic creation and CMS implementation. For project details:

| Installation


Mixing Bowl Of Light

The bowl uses the voice as an interface to modulate  standing waves to create patterns of refracted light produced by high-powered LEDs. This design was made in collaboration with Federico Bonelli at the Umbra Solis residency. [click image for details]


Gallery Design

Produced for the Vivanta brand of Taj Hotels in Bangalore, I designed this multi-media gallery as an initiative for new media art and experience. The space featured a three-sided projection cube. I designed the space and many of the installations for the initial launch of the project. [click image for details]



The largest and most attention demanding installation for the gallery space was this installation comprising 1200+ LEDs creating visuals programmed from data of an RSS weather feeds. [click image for details]



The exhibit demonstrates the phenomenon of acoustic heterodyning, or undertone sonification. In Species, ultrasonic frequencies generated with custom amplifiers modulate the overtones created by the steel bowl weighing 60 kg. Much of the hardware, such as, ultrasonic amplifiers, were custom built for the project. [click image for details]

| Performance and Technology


A video-performance in collaboration with Jenny Seastone-Stern, whose choreography is inspired by the accounts and writings of Hildegard von Bingen. The layers of sound and video culminate into abstract composites, representing an instance of the figure’s devotion and torment--ecstasy and stasis.


A docu-performance based on interviews with people about their negative experiences with prescription medication. Video and sound design in collaboration with Carola Haupt.

Red Light

Districts labeled with the title of red light as well-known throughout the world. This three-channel installation is set to an atmosphere of salaciousness. However, upon closer inspection, the viewer discerns such activities, such as, reading, chatting, ironing, dish washing, nursing, dancing, and suicide.


Missa Obscura

Missa Obscura is solo album available on Bandcamp as an independent release. It is a site-specific recording of original music composed and arranged in the vernacular of a medieval European mass. I perform on several varieties of instruments.


Real Time Composer

This project was designed to facilitate on-the-fly compositional techniques with western music notion. Notation became a graphic for visual manipulation as musicians performed an interpretation of the score. The development of this project last for a year and was performed half-a-dozen times. [click image for details]


That Wanderest Unseen

That Wanderest Unseen is an album available on Bandcamp and Neck and Tongue Music. It is the only recording made from the collaboration between Filipino designer Stanley Ruiz, Musician and Artist, Nick Lesley, and myself. The band performed for three years at festivals in and around the NYC area, often with video-visual artists and guest musicians. [click here for documentation]

| Photography


Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography and wet developing processes are about as an extreme opposite of digital processing as one may experience in image production. It requires patience, consideration, and unwavering respect for an unforgiving medium. It develops one's sensitivities to both time and light. [click image for details]